Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bike Friday Haul-a-Day

Bike Friday's answer to the SUV. Photos courtesy of Bike Friday.

The Haul-a-Day is a custom-made folding cargo bike from the family-run Bike Friday in Oregon. They start at $1,500 and can go for more than $2,000 depending on the features you choose.  The basic features are an 8-speed transmission with a rear disc brake, front v-brake, rear rack, and dual kickstand.

A few months ago, Joseph wrote a great post about Bike Friday folding bikes. Now there's something to add to that post: Bike Friday is putting out a cargo bike that is one of the most versatile bikes, period.  The frame has a low step-over height, which is intended to allow anyone from 4-foot to 6-foot-4 ride. The low center of gravity (it has 20" wheels) allows for hauling a heavy load of passengers or cargo or both.

The Haul-a-Day is less bulky than other cargo bikes, allowing it to fit in tight spaces.  It's about 75 inches end to end, and weighs about 35 pounds sans cargo.

Bike Friday would like to increase its production of the Haul-a-Day.  For more information, you can contact Bike Friday here.