Saturday, July 16, 2011

Worksman NYC Dutchie Commuter

Worksman bicycles are made in NYC in a solar-powered factory. The NYC Dutchie Commuter is built to order with multiple colors, fenders, front drum brake, bell, you name it. They are now building them with the Duomatic 2-speed Kickback Hub, 3-speed or 7-speed IGH.
These are tough and simple bicycles. Most people don't really need a lightweight road or hybrid bike for daily commuting. The heavier the bike, the less you notice when you strap your laptop to the rack. Do you really want to "feel" that extra weight from the bottle of wine you picked up at the store? No, you don't. 
Price is $299 in base (no fenders) single-speed configuration. A 7-speed with front drum brake, front basket, and fenders is about $700.