Monday, October 21, 2013

#1 Rebecca's Stable

Here it is -- the first submission in response to our request to see your bikes!  (Although maybe Tom's posts on his Torker Cargo-T and his Handsome Devil should count as #1 and #2? )

Here's Rebecca with the scoop on her bikes:

I have three in my "stable" at the moment.

1. 1970s Motobecane; it is rideable, but needs work. I love mixte frames, though find them impractical in dressier clothes due to very short legs. Road bike option. 

2. 1990s Trek with Rock Shox. In fantastic shape, though there is a crack in the Shox. MTB option.

3. 2013 Linus Dutchi-3. This is my everyday "commuter". I am considering adding gears (3-speed) because my commute is hillier than anticipated and I often wish for additional gears.

My goal is to make each a commuting option (via back rack and fenders), but my attention is focused on getting the Linus into prime commuting shape by addressing gearing issues.

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