Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nirve Euro Sport Commuter Series

Nirve is a brand that makes me think of funky cruisers parked in front of my LBS. To my surprise they have a series of steel-framed bikes with internal hub gears, 700c wheels, leather-look saddles and retro paint jobs. All of the bikes have side-pull rim brakes and some sort of chain guard/ring, but no fenders or racks. The frames are 4130 CroMo with lugs (!) on the top tub and TIG-welded elsewhere (per Nirve specs).

I suspect these bikes are being re-branded and sold elsewhere. Grant saw a similar bike for sale in the UK. If you've seen any of these frames elsewhere, let us know.

Nirve Dealer Locator:

Wilshire - 3-speed with low-profile chain guard ($650), also available in a Mixte
Brookhurst - 7-speed IGH ($750)
Fairfax - 8-speed Shimano Alfine, chain ring and Shimano Dyno Hub with lights ($1000)


Joseph said...

Nirve sells these bikes on their website (only partially assembled) for about $100 off the prices listed above, plus $75 for shipping and handling.

The Wilshire is $555 mixte / $625 diamond (not sure why...), including shipping.

Brookhurst is $725

Fairfax is $975

It's a shame you don't get fenders for that price. I can't tell if the bikes are made in China or Taiwan; my LBS carries the Wilshire, so I will ask there.

Personally, I would recommend spending the extra $50 to get this bike fully assembled at your LBS, if possible. Ordering it online is probably a bad idea, unless you have it delivered to your LBS for assembly, or you are an expert mechanic. They will probably be able to add fenders for under $50.

Melody said...

This bike is beautiful! I am a total beginner and looking for a good city bike - would you guys recommend this one? What would be the best, lightweight bike for doing things like going to the store, or to a friends house. Probably 10 miles max for most rides.

Also, if I had my druthers, the bike would come in brown or black...

Tom said...

I wouldn't recommend ordering your first bike over the internet. If you like this bike then work with a local dealers to see you can ride one. They will help with fit and will likely know more about local conditions, terrain, etc. If they're a good bike shop they'll be patient with questions and help you get comfortable. If they don't go somewhere else and look at other brands.

Abby said...

I love my 3-speed Nirve Wilshire! I bought this bike at a local shop shortly after moving to Chicago. I'm a bit of a nervous beginning rider, but this bike is so easy and comfortable to ride. I always feel in control, and I can easily keep up with my friends on their road bikes. It's a little heavy to carry up my apartment steps though.

drewc said...

I spent quite some time looking for a place that carries these in New York City, and the closest place I could find was out in East Hampton. I actually ended up buying the Fairfax for the price of the Whilshire on a one day sale on Gilt.

I'm really pleased with the bike. I'm riding it most work days 6 miles each way comfortably. Also got some nice comments from fellow commuters on the street.

paris sportifs said...

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Anonymous said...

@drewc: Today I went by Kickstand Bicycles (just opened this spring) on 49th, between 2nd & 1st Aves in NYC, and they carry the Wilshire and Brookhurst. I was looking for a simple, inexpensive KHS or Torker to do a partial commute between Midtown and upper Manhattan. The owner mentioned these Nirve bikes. Never heard of them before, and had never considered a commuter. Test rode the Brookhurst and it actually handled really well. Looks cool, feels sturdy and isn't too heavy (23-24 lbs would be my guess).